Hits Counter

Our Mission

Even though we know that every musician since the dawn of time has been in it solely for glorifying the harmony that music is able to bring out and nurture in pure souls, we are in it for the money and the fame (the anonymous kind, of course). Except for the bassist of course, he’s in it for the world domination and freedom from chores. See, we think that there has been enough harmony in the world and in music. This is why if you ever think that you heard something harmonious in one of our songs to be, you are either tone deaf or don’t know the meaning of the word ‘harmony’.

How can we hope to achieve international success when we know that visionaries of our caliber are never recognized in their lifetimes? Easily, we’ll pack the music with enough subliminal messages that even we will start liking if we ever make the mistake of listening to it. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll simply rely on hipsters claiming that we’re awesome just because we are so obviously trying not to be awesome. The rest of the population will then massively start listening to us, fully aware of the fact that the only way to ruin something for hipsters is to make it popular, and there you go, we’ll become a household item just based on the world’s hatred of hipsters and hipsters’ hatred of world.

Naturally, as soon as we have managed to penetrate into every home and enhance every life with our unanimously hated but supported music, we will retire into blissful existence  in which the only activity will be silently asking ourselves whether anyone suspects that we are the geniuses behind the world’s greatest musical revolution since everyone realized that glam is ridiculous and started making fun of people who until yesterday were worshiped for the fact that they acted tough while wearing makeup and tights.

However such a quiet existence is not likely to keep the wellsprings of social change such as we are for long, and sooner or later, if there is still a world to shake from its axis we’ll find another way to do it.

But seriously now, for the time being, our mission is only to record our first song and see if we may have a future in doing something that we truly love and that we would love to have chance to do for the rest of our lives.

Our Musical Influences

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